MARY ANN is a sailyacht of her own kind. She had been specially designed to cross oceans in comfort, providing lots of space on deck and below. She comprises fantastic sailing performance with low draft. Her strong aluminum hull ensures integrity in an accident without sacrificing fast cruises.

Special design features are the lifting keel, which gives her at sea extra stability for ambitious upwind courses, when the keel is down and access to shallow lagoons or close to shore anchorages, when the keel is up.
Like no other yacht of her size MARY ANN provides an flat aftdeck with nearly 9 square meters surface, the perfect area for fishing, prepare a dive, take a sunbath or simply withdraw from the rest.

The living area below deck is dominated by the light and spacious decksalon. It provides a superb panorama view due to it's large windows. It is separated by just 4 steps from the cockpit and complete airconditioned.
This is the place for dining -if not outside in the cockpit-, watching TV/DVD or listening music. MARY ANN is equipped with a LINN/KEF Dolby Surround - HiFi TV/DVD system for high end music performance.

At anchor the stern may be opened to create a platform, perfect for docking the dingy or taking a bath. The central cockpit is simply hugh with seats wide enough to function as beds (specially popular at sea on leeward). The aftframe supports not only all antennas but includes also two cranes to keep the dingy and to lift heavy stuff on deck.







1 Salon, 2 Galley, 3 Locker with Divecompressor, 4 Aft Guestcabin, 5 Engine Compartment, 6 Workshop and Crewbathroom, 7 Navigation Corner, 8 Forward Guestcabin, 9 Crew Cabin


The salon is also home of the navigation and communication corner. It is fitted with SSB and VHF for conventional communication and Inmarsat C and Iridium for access to the e-mail and public telephone system by satillite.
Navigation aids on board are Radar, electronic wind/speed/depth system, foreward looking sonar and a worldwide coverage by electronical charts, givinge access to any area of the navigationable world.

Two guestcabins are available, both with kingsize dobble beds, 2,05 Meters long, privat bathroom with shower and a lot of storage space. The guestcabins are is individually airconditioned and have their own radio/CD player.




The galley provides an oven with integrated microwave, fridge, deepfreeze, icebox and icecubemachine.
The workshop includes a washing machine with integrated dryer.






The people behind the project

General Manager: Cornelius Weser

Cornelius Weser, born 1947 in Hamburg, Germany, is the responsible organizer of the MARY ANN project. He had developed the concept of the yacht, supervised the production and is today the responsible organizer of the voyage.
From background Cornelius is engineer in aeronautics. In his professional carrier he is managing KRÜSS GmbH, a company developing, producing and marketing scientific instruments for surface tension and wettability testing of solids and liquids.
In his spare time he is sailing himself as much as possible, cruising with the family and racing with friends.


Design: Georg Nissen (photo: on the right with Nico Claasen)

Georg Nissen, based in Laboe/Kiel, is among of the best known German yacht designers with a special reputation in fast hulls and harmonic but functional deck layout. He had designed e.g. BIT, a three-quarter ton vice world champion, MISS X, German champion in IMS-2, or such well-known long distance racers like WOLFI'S TOY and PETER VON DANZIG. The recent Contest yachts are also from his desk.


Interior design: Birgit Schnaase

Birgit Schnaase from Hamburg is the first address in Germany, when it comes to the interior design of living homes at sea. Her experience includes large motor yachts as well as riverboats and sailing yachts. Her skills to match the "good looking-good feeling" aspect with the necessities of functionality at sea are phenomenal.
She had contributed the visuals on this homepage.


Boatyard: Folmer / Claasen / Jongkind

MARY ANN had been built in a cooperation of three major independent contractors in the Netherlands:
Andre Folmer, Rijs: aluminum construction, lifting keel and main engine. For Andre Folmer solidity has first priority. His hulls are famous for their strength, not necessary for lightweight construction.
Nico Claasen, Zaandam: floors, walls, furniture, teak deck - everything made from wood. Nico Claasen acted as the general contractor. His special expertise is in fantastic woodwork with emphasis to the detail unknown in the today's series production yachts.
Cornelis Jongkind, Alkmaar: energy, electronics, plumbing - all the technical installations.
The rig is from Hall Spars, formerly Proctor, the sails come from North Sails.

Technical Details and Equipment